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DR. KAREN F. VIEIRA, PHD, MSM /カレン・ビエイラ医学博士


For men wanting to reach optimal performance in the bedroom, there is now a breakthrough product to help improve their sexual health. ProSolution Pills are a safe and effective formulation with high-quality, all-natural ingredients that have been proven to provide bigger, thicker and harder erections, increased stamina, a jump in sex drive and the ability to achieve multiple orgasms.



Every man who has experienced declining sexual performance, along with their partner, knows that it is a huge disappointment when the timing is perfect, but the mechanics aren’t working. The man feels inadequate and the female feels unwanted. The lack of physical connection can lead to negative feelings in other areas of life. Rather than just accepting this fate or taking risky drugs that have endless possible side effects, men can now turn to ProSolution, a comprehensive formula addressing many aspects of male sexual health.


ProSolution works so well because each ingredient has its own set of benefits. Ginseng improves circulation to enhance erections and it spurs the release of necessary male hormones that increase libido. Tongkat ali enhances testosterone release, is a potent aphrodisiac and improves sperm quality. Bladderwrack reduces excess estrogen and has traditionally been used to boost libido. Cinnamon normalizes progesterone and other hormone levels. Amla and reishi mushrooms optimize the immune system and act as strong antioxidants. Several other ingredients have additional benefits, each adding to the potent effect of ProSolution.


Many men don’t realize that all of the popular erectile dysfunction drugs only treat the circulation aspect of sexual health, leaving libido, hormones and oxidative stress untouched. In contrast, ProSolution addresses every part of the reproductive system and has no significant side effects. I recommend ProSolution pills to any man interested in restoring and optimizing libido, erections, stamina and sexual confidence.




We just finished having ProSolution™ Pills evaluated by Vedic Lifesciences – because we wanted to see for ourselves what impact the formulation has on Rho-Kinase II activity.

RHOキナーゼII活動に対する影響を確認するため、Vedic Lifesciences社によりプロソリューションの検証を終了した。

This is important, because science has now conclusively proven that if you can inhibit the action of the Rho- kinase protein, you can increase blood flow into the penis…
… For noticeably fuller, harder erections!

これが重要なのは、 Rhoキナーゼの抑制が、ペニスへの血液流入量を医学的に可能にするからである。

Erections occur when the smooth muscle cells of the penis relax due, in part, to the activity of Myosin Phosphatase (MP):


Blood flow INTO the penis INCREASES!    ペニスへの血液流入量が増加し
Blood flow OUT of the penis DECREASES!  ペニスからの血液流出量が減少
Net result? An ERECTION!             この結果、勃起します
Problems can occur, though, when the Rho- kinase protein essentially BLOCKS the activity of Myosin Phosphatase (MP), preventing it from causing the smooth muscle cells of the penis to relax so it can become engorged with blood!
しかし、Rhoキナーゼが ミオシンホスファターゼ(MP)の活動を阻害した場合に問題が発生するが、ペニスの平滑筋細胞をリラックスさせることによりこれを食い止め、血液で満たされた勃起状態を実現する。


The study by Vedic Lifesciences determined that a single 1,300 mg tablet of ProSolut

ion™ Pills offers significant and measurable Rho-Kinase II inhibition potential… and that its effects are directly dose dependant!

Vedic Lifesciences社による研究は1300mgのプロソリューションがRhoキナーゼの抑制に効果があることを実証している。

Which means that it’s reasonable to assume that the longer you continue daily supplementation with the recommended dose of 2 tablets per day, the greater the potential improvement you’ll see in your ability to get and maintain fuller, harder erections!



 - ペニス増大の海外論文



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